Re-Bedding & Re-Pointing

Over time the cement beneath ridge and hip caps will crack or break away from its original position.  This allows water to enter and create leaks in your home.  In order to prevent this from happening re-bedding and re-pointing is required.

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High Pressure Cleaning

A build up of mould, moss, dirt and grime on your roof, can lead to the deterioration of your tiles, along with leaves collecting and beginning to decompose in the gutters. This can leave your roof vulnerable to increased damage from the elements.

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Re-Spraying & Re-Sealing

Roof Re-Spraying and Roof Re-Sealing is an effective way to inject life back into your tired looking roof, this improves the overall appearance of your home. Roof Re-Spraying and Roof Re-Sealing will extend the life of your roof.

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